The 2nd half of 2001 found Brian and I listening to Christmas music in August and thinking Snow!
It all began like this......

Sleigh rides, Snowmen, Sugar Plums and Silent Night,
What to do for a quite spectacular sight?
Then I heard it, only a whisper at first, then a shout.
Could I write it down before the Train let out?
With the help of an elf and a quick hand,
There it was, an idea worthy of a few GRAND!!
So here it is, Toys and Trees, A Star and Wreath,
Heralding Angels and Mighty big PEACE!

Please enjoy the Video and Photos of the CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR 2001!


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Click an Image for a Larger View!
photo 01 house up close
photo 02 house from middle of driveway
photo 03 elves tossing packages over driveway 01
photo 04 elves tossing packages over driveway 02
photo 05 snowman family
photo 06 santa and reindeer
photo 07 packages on conveyor belt
photo 08 4,000 mini-light wreath on front door
photo 09 "goodwill toward all" arch
photo 10 house with red and green columns
photo 11 finale trees with doves + peeker elves
photo 12 blue trees with blue houses

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