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Thanks for Visiting this page about what we feel is the BEST Music!

We have been collecting these sets since about 1995.
(HOWEVER - Please don't ask us if we want to buy your sets. As you can see we have RUN out of room for our collection and until we finish a huge renovation, we will not be purchasing any.)

Below are links to a list of all of the Reader's Digest Record Sets that we know about.
These sets are USA only - as Reader's Digest is world wide - we have a separate list (not online) for the NON-USA sets. Sets in the GREEN chart are sets we already have - Sets in white are sets we might buy

If your set is listed and missing information, please send the info to us!
We will add it to the list.

Why do we have this list? Because the MUSIC is amazing! And because we found out in the late 90's that the Music Division of Reader's Digest moved out of their NYC offices and
DESTROYED all the information that they had about the sets! We have contacted RD several times and no one who works there now seems to know anything about the record sets. We were told by one employee that there were over 400 different sets produced in the USA alone.

Occasionally I scower eBay and add those images and titles that I don't have.
As such I MUST thank all of those eBayer's who have unknowingly helped us to populate our list.

We maintian our list in Excel and we publish it here as effectivly as we can.
We offer the list in 2 formats:
         Alphabetical by Title with the sets we own listed first (224kb)
         Alphabetical by Title (881kb)

UPDATE - 5-8-05:
We have added a few more titles to the list and the current total is at 337 sets.
Because of the time consuming editing required to make the list easily viewable on the web, these files are just a straight save from excel - the are large, and may crash explorer.
        Alphabetical by Title with the sets we own listed first (2 meg)
         Alphabetical by Title (2 meg)

For those of you who are interested in finding the value of the sets you have - I can't help there either - BUT I can point you to the only resource I know of EBAY! Most of the information from the sets that we don't already have is from Ebay.
This is the link that I use to find all the Reader's Digest sets there: Link
There are anywhere from 25 to over 200 sets at any given time.

Good luck! Sepp and Brian

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