It's the
Butch Lovin Birthday Party

You were there last year and this year promises to be even better,
with a new convenient location.
Please join Sepp, Brian and The WAX staff for some,


toRingin Sepp's30thdecade.*
also celebrating are my fellow scorpios:
Debbie Becker
Craig Fox
John Gebbie
Louis Gonnella
John LeClair

Saturday November 11th
8:30pm onward --->


Bring all your Friends (and mine too)

Where? WAX!!!!

*For those of you who are concerned with the accurate representation of my age, it was brought to my attention that the "30th Decade" is very old.
However  it reflects the 1 to 10 year ratio between the normal aging process and the gay aging process.
IMPORTANT: This aging formula does not apply to all celebrating Scorpios.